Yoga means many different things to a great many people, and all is valid. To James, it’s transformative. It provides the practitioner the tools to cultivate awareness for the whole self; physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now more than ever in a technologically driven, fast-paced culture, where it’s easy to lose the self through acquired wants and needs, the insight that yoga as a science provides has never been so valuable.

Qualified with The Yoga People under the expertise of Jamie Clarke and Dulce Aguilar, he completed his 200 Hour training in Ashtanga Vinyasa in Goa, India in 2019.

James teaches both Vinyasa Yoga and Restorative Yoga with us. Restorative Yoga gives us a chance to step back and slow down. Whilst Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic practice, breath and postures intertwined resulting in a continuous fluidity of movement.

James's Schedule

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