Vanessa discovered her interest for massage in France in 1998 while studying for her degree in languages. A simple head/neck massage cleared her flu-like symptoms. After completing her degree in 1999, she began to explore the concept of Complementary Medicine, trying out therapies and adopting a chemical-free way of treating ailments.

Sport has also been crucial to understanding body mechanics. Having played tennis since the age of seven, Vanessa’s posture was far from perfect in her late 20s. Pilates, yoga and giving sports massages have taught Vanessa the importance of posture, flexibility and core strength.

Vanessa qualified in Sports and Remedial Massage from the LSSM in 2007. Over the next five years, she trained in hot and cold stone massage, sports massage, pregnancy and post natal massage. In 2013, after a back injury and recognising how key her pilates teacher was to her rehabilitation, she became a Clinical Pilates Instructor.

Vanessa teaches Clinical Pilates with us. This style of session involves carefully selected exercises that work for everyone, whatever your ability.  Her classes are accessible, challenging, safe and fun. 

Vanessa's Schedule

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