During the school holidays we host children's sessions and sessions which can be enjoyed as a family. You are never too young (or old) to begin yoga! Yoga can help children build confidence, self-awareness, coordination, communication and strength. Our sessions are taught similarly to a traditional yoga class, with fun and games added in for good measure. A typical session would work through yoga sequences, individual poses, partner work, breathing techniques and relaxation. In our classes, children can find new ways to relax, focus and understand their bodies.


Yoga and Mindfulness for Teens

Yoga and Mindfulness for Teens

From time to time, particularly around exam season we offer sessions to introduce young adults to the world of Yoga and Mindfulness.

During stressful periods, Yoga can be a great tool to help relieve stress and tension through poses and breathing. During these sessions, we aim to step away from school work, deadlines and exam stress to learn some basic, easy to use methods of switching off and calming the mind.

We practice yoga to counteract stiffness and focus the brain. We will also spend time on pranayama (breathing), mindfulness and relaxation techniques to relieve anxiety and stress and improve self confidence.

Sessions are taught in an accessible way, with plenty of laughter and fun to be had.


Family Yoga

kids yoga

Family Yoga sessions are open to everyone; Siblings, Parents, Grandparents, Carers, Friends etc! Classes and workshops can be aimed at different ages starting from as young as 2 all the way up to teens. (Please check the details of the event you are interested in for specific children’s ages).

There is sure to be plenty of laughter and fun as well as an insight into yoga practice.  You do not need to be super fit, just willing to let go and enjoy yourself.

Preschool Playtime Yoga is exciting and creative, combining lots of imagination, games and a story narrative throughout. At this age, yoga is used to encourage physical play, stretching, relaxation, breath work, as well as helping to develop motor skills,co-ordination and communication.

Creative Yoga for 4-7 Years. At this age, yoga can help children to build confidence, self awareness, co-ordination, communication and strength. We will also focus on a variety of relaxation and breathing techniques designed with children in mind. These sessions offer children the chance to release some energy, explore yoga postures and sequences, learn some yoga games and most importantly find new ways to relax, focus and understand their bodies.

Yoga & Mindfulness for 8-13 Years. For the older group we offer something a little more grown up; taught similarly to that of an adult class (with traditional postures, and yoga sequencing) and an added element of fun through games and partner work.

We also host private classes for families, as well as performances for special occasions! Contact us for more information.


About your teachers

Yasmin Strong

Yasmin is an energetic and friendly teacher. She comes from a big family and has regularly spent afternoons playing Yoga with her many nieces and nephews. This sparked her interest in children’s yoga, which was promptly followed by teaching classes within local schools. 

Yasmin has taught yoga classes and aerial yoga classes to a mix of ages, including aerial yoga to children with disabilities, offering freedom that can not be reached in everyday life.

Specialising in Aerial Yoga and Family Acro Yoga, Yasmin aims to deliver sessions which empower students, whilst nurturing mind and body with fun fitness sessions.

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