Abi King

Abi King is the founder of Living Saucha, Newbury.

Abi’s practice is a Vinyasa Flow, which is playful, creative and fun. Abi trained in her 200 hour teacher training at Frog Lotus, Suryalila, Southern Spain, which provided her with the foundations to progress and explore her own unique style of teaching.

Expect to get warm and work the whole body by moving 360 degrees around the mat with creatively sequenced flows allowing opportunities to further explore arm balances and inversions. Abi's classes are energetic and challenging, drawing influence from Rocket Yoga, Mandala Yoga and Vinyasa.  

Abi’s path has been a fun and inspiring one so far! Join her on her journey as she continues to share her passion with others, offering classes for intermediate to advanced Yogis to practice, creating a stronger, fitter future within the body, mind and soul.

Abi's Schedule

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