Here at Grace and Gravity, we’ve put together a team of friendly and approachable teachers who really know their stuff. Our team is experienced, energetic and eager to help you reach your health and wellbeing goals. They can’t wait to start working with you.

Grace and Gravity was founded by Yasmin and Janine, two friends with a shared goal of taking over the world. Well, maybe that’s a little over-ambitious. But really, these two did share a goal of offering great health and wellbeing to the wider community.

Our co-founders want to help others thrive by nurturing body and mind with all kinds of fun fitness. This is the motivation behind Grace and Gravity Studio. Yasmin and Janine hope that every student leaves their session feeling accomplished, relaxed and refreshed.

The pair share responsibilities. Yasmin covers all things front of house and Janine works behind the scenes to ensure the studio runs smoothly.

Meet the team


By day she’s is a yoga instructor, and by night she loves to hang out upside down. Yoga and aerial arts are just a few of Yasmin’s favourite things.


Janine has always had a passion for fitness and wellbeing but it has never been part of her career path until now.


Bex has always loved to move, stretch and build strength in her body for shows and performances and sings professionally alongside teaching yoga.


Abi's classes are energetic and challenging, drawing influence from Rocket Yoga, Mandala and Vinyasa incorporating arm balances and inversions.


Victoria’s enthusiasm for yoga is infectious! She believes that yoga is for everyone, no matter your starting point or motivation for coming to the mat.


After decades of pursuing different sports and different types of physical movement, Suze was still searching for something that would offer her balance of body and mind.


One of Karen’s favourite places to be is on her yoga mat, or in her garden, or better still, on her yoga mat in her garden.


Holly has been dedicated to her yoga and meditation practice for over 8 years, experiencing various styles of yoga and being inspired by many teachers along the way.


Esther loves helping others find a love for yoga. She has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, originally practicing Ashtanga, then vinyasa and gradually found a more somatic movement informed practice.


Hannah loves leading creative yoga classes so others can feel the benefits that it can bring to overall wellbeing, both physically and spiritually. She finds balance through a regular practice and hopes to share the wonders of yoga with as many as possible.


After discovering yoga whilst in her forties, Ellie was soon hooked and realised that a regular practice was essential to keep not only her body fit and strong, but her mind balanced and calm as she found herself transitioning through the menopause.


Liza has worked in health care for many years, and practices yoga to bring balance to her life. She finds strength through stillness, and has found a greater appreciation of nature and nurture through mindfulness.


Having been immersed in the Yoga tradition since childhood, Karishma is a lifelong student of Yoga. She is also a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist practicing within the NHS.


Yana enjoys inspiring students to take care of their mind and body using a range of Yoga styles.


Helen started Pilates over ten years ago and instantly fell in love with the whole ethos, wellbeing and benefits.


Debs teaches Holistic Hatha yoga with us. Together we focus on taking a step back from the busyness of life and allow ourselves a little downtime.


David champions yoga as the number one antidote for anyone else suffering burn-out, from the daily grind!


Rebecca has a Specialist Access Level 3 Pilates diploma. She also teaches Pre and Post-natal Pilates and has undertaken courses in Common Orthopaedic Conditions and myofascial release.


Claire has always loved health and wellness. After an injury she began to focus more on listening to her body and moving mindfully, whilst still loving to build strength and increase the heart rate up.


Jess experienced a huge mental shift from seeing exercise as merely a way to burn calories, to a practice that can be deeply nourishing. Yoga has since given her the tools to navigate two pregnancies and adapt to an active life with two young children.


Beatrice's intention is to create a space for movement, balance, joy and nourishment. Through sharing ancient and authentic yoga teachings, she hopes to inspire us to explore a conscious, mindful and holistic life.


Carlita discovered Yoga when she was living in London and when she was going through a challenging emotional journey. The moment she stepped onto the mat something inside told her to carry on and to trust the process.


Aerials gave Luana a passion for fitness she never found in places like the gym. She has hanging upside down for around six years and mainly focuses on aerial hoop and pole.


Wellbeing plays a huge role in Nat's daily life. She's a coach, business owner and yoga teacher. Natalie’s ethos is that we have everything we need within us, we just need to unlearn and remember so that we can become the best version of ourselves.


Annette is a Body Control Pilates teacher offering chair pilates at Grace and Gravity within our Wallingford Studio. She is highly qualified matwork instructor with additional qualifications for supporting breast cancer patients, older people and also pre and postnatal.


Chloe has spent many years spinning around on her tiptoes, as a dancer. Now she has found aerial, she has enabled her dance to take flight.


Recently Vicki has been focusing on fluid, expressive styles of yoga, still with a strong emphasis on form and alignment. Finding a lightness and beauty in movement to music.

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