Our range of classes offer something to suit everyone. Because we know that life can be hectic, we schedule our classes to take place at a variety of times so you can find the ideal slot for some downtime. The practice of yoga has been around for thousands of years. Over time, it has developed into a wide range of unique techniques and styles.

All types of yoga incorporate physical and mental practices that help elevate your mood, invigorate your body and sharpen your mind. Some styles will also include spiritual practices. We love to share the many benefits of yoga with our community, you can start exploring them by reading our yoga & wellbeing blogs.

To get truly exceptional benefits (and the most enjoyment) from your classes, we recommend finding the right style, teacher and timeslot for you. Discover the various styles of yoga we offer below.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Here at G&G, we have used the general term ‘Hatha’ (which literally translates as ‘Yoga’) to describe our softer sessions. This style of class is accessible to all and we recommend it for beginners who wish to develop a good grounding in yoga's essential elements.

What is Hatha Yoga? Well, all of our Hatha Yoga sessions include fundamental yoga poses, mindful movements and breathing techniques. The precise components of each class will vary depending on the teacher but will usually incorporate an element of ‘flow’. This involves transitioning from one pose to another in a short sequence. ‘Flow’ is usually taught at a slower pace than the flow described in Vinyasa Yoga below.

Nurturing Yoga is variation of Hatha. These sessions are ideal for beginners, anyone suffering from injuries or just looking to nurture their bodies!


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

‘Vinyasa’ translates to ‘flow’. This is breath synchronised with movement, similar to Ashtanga Yoga. Our Vinyasa yoga classes will guide you through a variety of postures that incorporate the power of breath. Inhale and exhale as you transition from one posture to the next without interruption. This continuous flow can be a challenge for beginners but it’s perfect if you’re looking for a chance to develop. If you’re new to yoga, we suggest trying a few slower classes before Vinyasa to get to know the essential postures.

Slow Flow & Beginners Vinyasa are two variations on Vinyasa Yoga - perfect for students who want to take it a little slower but enjoy the fluidity of Vinyasa. 

It’s a little more accessible, as its taught at a slower pace. Calming and fluid, moving from each posture by linking breathing with movement. Power Vinyasa is another variation. A stronger style of Vinyasa with challenging flows incorporated. The continuous flow can be demanding for beginners, but perfect if you’re looking to develop a stronger practice.



Yoga Conditioning

Conditioning Yoga

If you are looking to yoga for fitness reasons, this is for you. A blend of Dynamic Yoga and conditioning exercises to work the entirety of the body with a full range of postures both standing and on the floor.

You will awaken, strengthen and integrate your core in this challenging yet mindful session, which will leave you feeling energised and ready for the week ahead!

Yoga conditioning builds strength, stamina, increases range of motion and improves aerobic capacity. From time to time you can expect to incorporate High-intensity interval training (HIIT) which is great for burning fat and building muscle to improving  your metabolism and heart health.

A challenging yet accessible practice; we’ll be providing variations so you can work at a level that suits you best.


Yin and Restore 

Yin Yoga
Give yourself permission to slow down and bring balance to your dynamic yoga practice and fast-paced lifestyle in this beautifully peaceful Yin Yoga series. Become cocooned by the deep sounds and essential oils around you whilst you are guided through a sequence of long-held passive floor postures accessing the deeper layers of fascia, which in turn cultivate a sense of release in mind and body.
Supported by the earth with the use of props, blankets and postural variations, the poses allow you the time and space to bring awareness to the breath, feelings and sensations that arise whilst increasing flexibility and energetic flow of the subtle body. The practice of yoga nidra (a deep rest meditation technique) will close the series. Tranquility here we come!

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga helps to provide balance: counter the stress introduced to the body by exercise, and the stress introduced to the body by unconscious patterning in tense areas. It give us a chance to step back and slow everything down.
We hold restorative yoga poses for several minutes to stretch the connective tissue around a joint to promote flexibility. Props play a huge role in supporting our bodies through this process, allowing you to completely let go and relax.

All bodies are unique in their structure, and restorative is suitable for all. You do not need to be flexible to join us, it's a practice which can be enjoyed regardless of age, size or mobility.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga
Calming and supportive Pregnancy Yoga classes.
Pregnancy yoga can be a great way to relieve symptoms of swelling or discomfort in your growing and changing body. We'll use yoga poses and breathing techniques to reduce stress levels and tune into 'Rest and Digest mode' which may also help improve your sleep. These classes are open to all, with no previous yoga experience required. We'll ease you in with some nurturing postures modified to suit your stage of pregnancy.

Every session will close with a nourishing meditation to help you tune into your body. Classes are taught in a friendly environment and offer the perfect opportunity to meet some new local mums to be!


Check out our schedules and find the right class for you.

Not sure where to start? Why not try our Introductory Offer which gives you 30 days of unlimited yoga across both of our studios, so you can find what classes work best for you. 

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Hopefully you’ve found what you’re looking for? If you’re still a little unsure of which session is best for you, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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Yoga Class FAQs

We provide mats free of charge, which are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. If you have your own yoga mat, you are absolutely welcome to bring it along. Some students prefer to use their own, or double up for extra padding.  

Bring some water with you to stay hydrated throughout class. 

We provide any equipment you might need, such as bricks, blocks, bolsters and straps. 

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in.  Bring something to keep you warm when you slow down in relaxation. Barefoot or socks with grips on are best for practicing yoga, shoes can be left in the entrance corridor.

In Yoga we spend some time upside down so we recommend fitted clothing to avoid loose clothing falling down or get in the way.  

We’re located next to a large building which has changing facilities, showers and toilets. This space is not attached to the studio, so best to visit before you check in for class. The facilities are located inside the Innovation Centre, the large grey building next to the studio. 


We’re located on Howbery Business Park which has plenty of free parking available. Please make sure you park within a bay and that you're not blocking anyone else's vehicle.   

We recommend that you leave at least two hours between a main meal and attending class. Digestion of food requires energy and when you do yoga straight after a meal, your energy goes to the muscles you’re exercising and the body can’t digest the food properly.

If you’re hungry before class, try keep it light - a banana for example.

Take a look at our location instructions before you set off. The studio is not signposted on the business park, so without directions we can be a little tricky to find. 

Give yourself plenty of time so you can relax before class begins. Arriving at the studio 10 minutes before class starts is perfect.


Most teachers won't mind if you’re a few minutes late, we understand it happens sometimes. Try slip in quietly so as not to disturb other students.

If it's more than 5 minutes you may have missed too much of the warm up and it may not be safe for you to practice.

If you have a health condition, please check with your doctor or health professional before starting yoga. 

Many people practice yoga to help manage their health conditions. There are many different types of classes which suit different health needs and can also be adapted and modified for injuries. However, if you have a medical condition or injury we recommend that you speak to us in advance, so we can advise you before you attend.

If you are pregnant, check with your doctor or health professional before starting yoga. 

If you have never done yoga before, the general recommendation is to not start during the first three months of pregnancy, since your body isn’t used to it. If you’ve had a regular yoga practice for a while, you can continue. But there are some poses to avoid, please contact us in advance so we can advise you before you attend class. We also run pregnancy yoga courses that you may like to attend.  

To save your space on the waitlist payment is required. If a place becomes available more than 24 hours before the start of the class, you will automatically be added on and get an email confirming this. If it is less than 24 hours, one of us will phone or email you to see if you want the space before adding you on. If you do not make it into class, your payment will be on your account ready for your next booking. 

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