Carving out time for our wellbeing can be incredibly challenging. With this in mind, we've created an online space for yoga and wellbeing that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Our Zen Den is a time saver and is totally flexible with your schedule. 

We bring you pre-recorded sessions so you can grab something on the go when necessary (10 mins) or fully immerse yourself when you get the chance (60 mins). 

Grace & Gravity on demand

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We've created a forever growing platform full of pre-recorded yoga and wellbeing classes. We work alongside an amazing team of experienced teachers to bring you unlimited access to all our videos and challenges with new content being added each month. Videos vary in length and style so there is something to suit everyone.  

These are rolling contracts which you can cancel any time with one months notice.


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Get away from the noise and concentrate on your mind and body. Let’s spread the magic of wellbeing as wide as possible!

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