Nothing makes us happier than creating something special just for you. We host a wide range of regular workshops on site and off. If you’d like to join our studio workshops take a look at the schedule below.

We also offer bespoke events that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

Featured Events

Aerial Yoga with Yasmin

Saturday 2nd Oct, £4010.00 - 12.00Howbery Park Wallingford - £40
Join us for 2 hours of beautifully relaxing and uplifting Aerial Yoga exploring the art of flight. This is a slower paced, nurturing session with detailed instruction to help you along your aerial journey. Surrender your weight, fully cocooned and supported by the sling; this is your time to chill out and check in. It’s the perfect place to let your tensions melt away. Only 5 spaces available.
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Inversions & Arm Balances with Abi

TBC08.00 - 10.00Howbery Park Wallingford
A fun and challenging workshop that will allow you to face your fears on and off the mat. After a thorough warm up and flexibility drills, we will break down how to work towards various arm balances and Inversions. The workshop is for those who have a regular Yoga practice and are looking to experiment in taking their feet off the floor!
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Aerial Hoop with Yasmin

TBC13.15 - 14.45Howbery Park Wallingford - £30
Aerial Hoop is fun fitness at its finest and a more exciting alternative to your traditional gym. Over time, you'll develop strength and flexibility and we'll get you using muscles you didn't know existed. Aerial Hoop classes with us combine circus fitness with dance based movement. Sessions are taught on low hanging metal hoops and will challenge you physically and mentally. We love our circus roots, so we'll be sure to include circus tricks and flips with some spinning thrown in for good measure. Only 5 spaces available.
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Outdoor Acro Yoga with Yasmin

Howbery Park Wallingford - £23
Beginner friendly Acro workshop learning the art of taking flight on another person’s feet! Great to attend with a friend/parent and teen. The sense of achievement & freedom is amazing as you create poses you once thought impossible! Together we’ll explore: Several entry level acro poses, the basics of counter balance and how to base, spot and fly This session will be taught outside at our Wallingford studio.
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Bespoke events

G&G in the community

Have you considered a health or fitness class for your private event? Whether you’re planning a hen party, group event or children’s party, there’s nothing more rewarding (or fun!) than getting healthier together.

Would you like to know more about our workshops, private parties, or other events? Please email us at with any inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!

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