Nothing makes us happier than creating something special just for you. We host a wide range of regular workshops on site and off. If you’d like to join our studio workshops take a look at the schedule below.

We also offer a range of bespoke events that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Read below for more information.

Featured Events

Mindful Henna with The Henna Boutique

Saturday 24th Oct - Howbery Park14.00 - 17.00£20
This session combining mindfulness with henna so you can fully indulge in the art. We'll explore mlindfulness first to setting the tone for our tranquil afternoon together. Next we'll take you through the fun bit... Creating beautiful designs, you'll be learning how to hold a cone, how to put together a design and will leave with a practice kit too! Before you leave you’ll also receive some henna done by Tanya, the lead artist.
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Autumn Reset Yoga with Esther

Saturday 31st October - Howbery Park 10.30 - 12.30£25
With the autumnal changes in full swing, join Esther for a seasonal reset, setting intentions for the new cycle, and allowing space for what the rest of the year holds for us. We will start with traditional yogic breathing to allow the body and the mind to settle into the same space, followed by a flowing vinyasa practice focused around grounding and creating space. We will close with a luscious yoga nidra.
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Inversions & Arm Balances with Abi

Friday 6th Nov - Howbery Park 08.00 - 10.00£30
A fun and challenging workshop that will allow you to face your fears on and off the mat. After a thorough warm up and flexibility drills, we will break down how to work towards various arm balances and Inversions. The workshop is for those who have a regular Yoga practice and are looking to experiment in taking their feet off the floor!
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Yoga for Cyclists with Esther

Saturday 14th Nov - Howbery Park10.30 - 12.30£25
Whether you're a roadie, a trail rider, downhill enthusiast, or enjoy a pootle on your bike, join Esther for a session targeted at the muscles and movements used when on your bike. Esther will run through the patterning we use when on bikes, common complaints and injuries, before leading you through a sequence specifically designed to target key areas. You'll leave you with some handy takeaways to apply outside of the session.
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Bespoke events

G&G in the community

Alongside our Annex classes, we love to work with local businesses, schools and charities to bring yoga and wellbeing to the wider community. Please get in touch if you have a request for us.

Corporate wellbeing

We’ve been helping nurture employees for many years and are happy to guide you through the process of improving your business’s wellbeing. Our corporate packages cater for a whole range of abilities, with a variety of options available to meet your corporate needs.

Your business will thrive with happy, healthy employees. Let’s work together to support their continued wellbeing.

Private events

Have you considered a health or fitness class for your private event? Whether you’re planning a hen party, group event or children’s party, there’s nothing more rewarding (or fun!) than getting healthier together.

Would you like to know more about our workshops, private parties, or other events? Please email us at with any inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!

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