This course is ideal for existing Aerial and Yoga teachers as well as PTs and fitness professionals to gain a better understanding of Aerial Yoga or become an Aerial Yoga instructor.
Over three days we will teach you the fundamentals of Aerial Yoga, how to structure a comprehensive class and have the confidence and skills to begin teaching aerial exercise. We will also teach you how to rig and look after the aerial yoga equipment, as well as follow on support with home or studio set-up.

This course is the product of two different studios bringing together a range of skills to provide the student with the best Aerial Yoga training possible.  Edel Wigan (Flying Fantastic) and Yasmin Strong (Grace and Gravity studio) met through Aerial Yoga.  Both believe Aerial represents strength and empowerment. But it is difficult and that can create a barrier to entry for some people. They believe Aerial Yoga bridges the gap, creating an entry level option for all.

This course has been independently endorsed and accredited by Activ IQ. 

Further information

If you're not sure you have the right experience for this course, please get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss it with you. or


09.30 to 16.30 daily
3 day course: £625.00 

All courses will take place at Flying Fantastic Peckham (London, SE15 5BA).