Carlita discovered Yoga when she was living in London and when she was going through a challenging emotional journey. The moment she stepped onto the mat something inside told her to carry on and to trust the process.

After 12+ years living in Oxford & London, she decided to leave her corporate tech career to pursue her passion of teaching yoga and continue with her yoga studies.

She believes that yoga is a natural and highly efficient system for healing, health and happiness. She has experienced a massive change within herself and she is very excited to share these tools with you so that you can also benefit from them.

Yoga has increased her strength, flexibility, body control & body awareness but most importantly for her was the inward mental journey that became the hardest but definitely the most rewarding journey she has ever been on.

Her classes are very special and unique, built around her own personal experiences. They are approachable with challenging flows for the body and the mind, focusing on body control and strength using the breath to carry her students through their own personal yoga practice. She encourage her students to work with their own edge and to forget about how it looks as the most important part is about how it makes you feel in the body and mind.

Carlita creates and holds a safe space, non-judgemental and for everyone. She has trained in Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy Yoga, Mandala and she is currently undertaking a Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training. She likes to bring her Spanish into class so you might learn a few words!

Carlita's Schedule

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