Claire Harding

Claire’s teaching style is a combination of Hatha, from her 300-hour Level 4 teacher training with the BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) and her love of movement and Vinyasa Yoga. Claire originally trained in Freestyle Fitness Yoga after completing her Level 2 in Fitness to Music several years earlier.

Claire has a growing interest in yoga philosophy and often brings ideas from her studies into her lesson planning. She takes great pleasure in seeing how deeply yoga can change peoples’ lives for the better. Witnessing people grow in confidence and develop an understanding of self-care is the reason that Claire continually strives for fresh ways to inspire her students with their own yoga practice and journey to wellbeing.

Claire teaches Vinyasa Yoga with us, bringing flow and creativity to each class. Claire's sessions will help to develop a strong mind-body connection as well as growing in strength and flexibility.

Claire’s Schedule

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