Debs Finlay

At the age of 40, Debs found herself overweight and unhappy. Thanks to the amazing support of her gym, the trainers and her personal trainers, she lost 3.5 stone and found a new lease of life!

She was encouraged to retrain as a Personal Trainer and her fitness career has helped many others along their own health and wellbeing journey. This career and journey has proven to be one which makes both Debs happy and helps her clients find happiness too.

BodyBalance was Debs first introduction to yoga and she continued to explore from there. Up until then Debs considered her mind, her exercise and her breath all very singular components. Doing yoga calmed the mind, built body strength and taught her to allow the breath to combine all three. She is still amazed by the peace and tranquility yoga can offer and would love all her students to feel that too. 

Debs teaches Holistic Hatha yoga with us at Grace & Gravity Studio. This is a soft yoga class which is suitable for all ages, shapes and abilities. In our busy lives it can sometimes mean that we exist rather than live, that we look ahead (possibly worrying about something that hasn’t and may never happen) rather than living in the moment and as such can overlook the small wonders within and around. On a daily basis we can be faced with a sensory overload of information, not all that we need or want. By clearing our minds of things not or no longer serving us any purpose, we can free the mind to blossom and let our personalities be free to blossom too.

Debs's Schedule

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