After discovering yoga whilst in her forties, Ellie was soon hooked and realised that a regular practice was essential to keep not only her body fit and strong, but her mind balanced and calm as she found herself transitioning through the menopause.

As well as teaching flow-based, playful, Dynamic Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga for G&G, Ellie is also a Menopause Yoga (MY) accredited Teacher, trained to lead specially adapted yoga sequences to help women manage menopausal symptoms through a series of poses, breathwork and meditation.

No two women have the same experience of transitioning from peri to post menopause. Fluctuating hormones can trigger a myriad of mild to extreme symptoms, usually spanning several years, often leaving women feeling isolated and alone at this time of change. Menopause Yoga classes, which are suitable for all levels including beginners, guide women through techniques to release stress, reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Eloise's Schedule

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