After decades of pursuing different sports and types of physical movement, Suze was still searching for something that would offer her balance of body and mind. She found yoga, for the first time she didn’t feel judged and felt she found what was missing.

The benefits were not only physical but mental too. She found yoga armed her with skills that she could take off the mat to help her better deal with life’s stresses and challenges.

Suze’s training includes Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Power Flow (with Alessandro Gozzi and Caroline Gozzi at YogaVenue, Oxford), Restorative Yoga (with Anna Ashby and Chris Swain at Triyoga), Children’s Yoga (with Christane Kerr at Calm for Kids) and is therefore able to offer yoga to a wide range of students.

Suze teaches Vinyasa Yoga with us. In her classes, Suze aims to create an environment where everybody can leave frustrations and competitiveness behind. Where they can be in tune with their ‘present’ body and focus on the breath that has the incredible power of restoring body, mind and soul.

Suze's Schedule

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