With a background in dance, capoeira and as a fitness professional, when Suze first began practising yoga, her main focus was on the well-being of the physical body. However, regular yoga practice showed her that the physical benefits were only a small, but important, part of the impact Yoga had on her.

Through self-study Suze found that life’s experiences can really get stuck and ‘calcify’ in the nooks and crannies of one’s body over the years. As the physical practice began to free her body, it brought an understanding of the roots of the emotional baggage that had caused the blockage in the physical and energetic body. Her focus shifted to accommodate the importance of meditating and being present, and how getting to the bottom of thought and behavioural patterns, feelings and emotions, may also result in the release of tension in the physical body.

In her classes Suze encourages self-awareness and aims to create an environment where everybody can leave frustrations and competitiveness behind, be in tune with their ‘present’ body, and focus on the breath that has the incredible power of restoring body, mind and soul.

Suze's Schedule

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