Vicki has a long history with different styles of yoga but her personal practice really taking flight around 10 years ago after discovering Ashtanga. A strong and disciplined practice encouraged Vicki to stay more grounded, more present in what was a very challenging time in her life. She fell in love with the stability and peace yoga gave, and time on the mat in moving meditation became a sanctuary, the constant Vicki needed to help navigate a changing landscape.

In recent years she has moved to a more fluid, expressive style of yoga, still with a strong emphasis on form and alignment. Finding a lightness and beauty in movement to music. Vicki trained with Vidya Heisel, Frog Lotus International at Suryalila in Spain in 2022 after visiting many years before on a retreat which she left feeling inspired to explore Vinyasa Yoga and yoga philosophy more deeply. She’s now ready to share this love of a beautiful practice with others.

‘Always the student’, deeply grateful to the many inspiring teachers she has met over the years in classes, workshops and on retreats and aspires to share a little of what she has learnt along the way. Vicki’s classes are warm and welcoming and perfectly paced for all levels, allowing each student to explore and discover for themselves the many benefits yoga can bring.

Vicki's Schedule

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