5 ways to run a business mindfully

Posted on 28/02/2022

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Tom Evans on how the principles of mindfulness can help your business work smarter

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Mindfulness isnt a box ticking exercise to be done each morning for ten minutes or so, or something experienced on an away day’ and then forgotten. It is a pragmatic philosophy and way to be, which can make our professional lives easier and our business more fruitful and rewarding. 

While meditation is a personal undertaking, adoption of some of the principles of mindfulness in the workplace allows us to run a smarter business,says Tom Evans, author of The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness. Whats more, we become able to achieve more with less effort.”  

So if you fancy running a profitable, efficient and more ethical business then consider these five simple hacks of things you can do today that will make your trade more abundant, in all senses of the word. Find out from our expert and get exclusive insight into how you really can learn to stop fighting the tide and operate with flow, making the most of each opportunity 

1: Give Stuff Away 

This is one of the easiest tips to implement and it is the best way to share your intention, wisdom and business tips with clients. The obvious reason you would think to do this is to grab peoplesemails so you can upsell them afterwards. This should not be the prime motivation. But when we share freely, we find that we end up with work coming back from other unexpected sources to us. 

What to give away for free? 

  • a chapter of a book 
  • an audio recording e.g. podcast, meditation, music track 
  • video tutorials  
  • access to webinars

2: Shout Quietly 

Its not a good idea to market your products and services by being disparaging about your competitors. Neither is it a good strategy to push your products in peoplesfaces. A much better way is to share valuable content that others can use and then to only mention your own products and services in passing and in context. My way of shouting quietlyis by posting content on my blog and also by interviewing like-minded people on my podcast. These days it is my main marketing tool and it seems to generate all the business I need. 

How to show off your talents modestly? 

  • keep up a blog
  • write and syndicate content for other sites 
  • start a podcast  
  • launch a video channel 

In addition, when posting on social media, my policy is to only be positive and to share good advice, successes and celebrations. Avoid gossip, nay saying and denigrating others. 

3: Share Your Wisdom 

The writing and publishing of my books has not only opened many doors for me, but it has opened the hearts and minds of many readers too. As an unexpected spin off, it has also led to a career I didnt plan as an authors mentor. By becoming an author, you can often become the go-to authority for your business, and you find it becomes relatively easy to get interviewed by the press and the media as well – this helps spread your word further, (quite literally)! 

These days, print on demand technology means you only have to print as many books as you need, so the publishing costs dont get out of control. At less than five pounds a book, they make great giveaways to clients too. Since many books are read on e-readers while commuting, books dont have to be big these days and short concise chapters are more easily digested. Often less is more. 

4: Live Time-fully 

Its not strictly true that the only time we have real control over is each moment, right now. We can also reminisce about the past and draw on experiences and mistakes. Importantly, it can help to imagine successes in the future too, such that they arrive at our doorstep, just in time. 

The key to living efficiently lies in being mindful, at all times, about where in time your thoughts are focused. The key to being super creative and productive is to focus your thoughts and attention on 'the now. When you get more done in less time, your bottom line improves instantly. 

The key to doing this is to remain in the meditative state with your eyes open, especially when you are engaged on a creative project. You then enter what I call EMT, or Extended Me Time, where interruptions reduce, and the task seems to get done in the time available. This is what is referred to as being in the zone’. 

5: Start Yesterday 

Like planting a tree, the best time to start these initiatives is yesterday and the second-best time is today. The observant reader will notice how there is little or no cost to implement them and only gain. The goodwill fostered in clients and suppliers alone makes any investment worthwhile. 

About the author 

Tom is the creator of The Art of Timefulness, Mindfulness for Busy People and the Business of Mindfulness and one of the most popular meditation guides on the free Insight Timer app.  

For more on this, see: www.insighttimer.com/tomevans 

These days Tom has morphed into being a novelist, composer of ambient music and a metaphysical guide for those who want to explore nascent aspects of their consciousness.  

For more on this, see: www.tomevans.co