New Year, same you.

Posted on 30/12/2020

Wellbeing, Health

New Year, new me? Nope! This year we challenge you embrace New Year SAME me.

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It's almost the end of 2020 and the time we start to look ahead to the New Year. What might 2021 bring and what do we want to achieve? Before you set yourself a New Year's resolution, take a look back at 2020 and think of all you have already achieved. Approximately 80% of New Year's resolution fail, so why do we set ourselves up for this so-called 'fail' to start a brand new year with? The truth is you are still same wonderful person you were last year and the same person you will be next year. We already know that January will bring a flurry of diet and fitness products, discounts and promotions to make us feel like we need to make changes. Yes we all indulge a little at Christmas, but this year especially, do we not deserve it? Let's not punish ourselves for getting through the last 12 months. It's taken immense strength, tenacity and for some of us it's really taken a toll.

It's a celebration of survival

There are some schools of thought in Psychology that have dug deeper into the significance we place into January 1st. And, apart from being an excuse for a glass of bubbly and a dance around the kitchen with loved ones, it’s a celebration of survival. Phew, another 365 days have passed and here we still are! Similarly our New Year's resolutions are an example of our universal human desire to have some control over what lies ahead, because the future is unsettlingly unknowable. Not knowing what’s to come means we don’t know what we need to do to keep ourselves safe. In yoga we are always preaching to take a breath, let go of what we can't control, so January 2021 is no different.

This festive season we are asking you to ditch the counterproductive New Year, New Me slogan and keep being the same incredible you. The tick of the clock at Midnight, 30 December, 2020 isn't the signal to put yourself down and focus on what you need to change, but the signal to consider the journey 2020 has bought, good or bad, and look ahead to those small things you have missed out on. As friend of G&G Ally the Earthling told us recently, the way you speak to yourself really does change your outlook on life.

Here for you in 2021

Take the time to calmly reflect, refresh and see where the next part of your journey takes you. We'll be here for you with our classes in 2021 just as we have been in 2020, whichever way we can and as much as we can.

Our mission is to guide you through the ups and downs of life, finding roads to wellbeing which could bring you back to you, the same wonderful you!!

Happy New Year everyone.