The benefits of outdoor yoga

Posted on 07/05/2021

Wellbeing, Health

Why being outside is so important for your wellbeing.

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At Grace and Gravity we have always loved the outdoors and try to celebrate it as much as we can. Our yoga studios in Oxfordshire and Berkshire have been designed to be a place of tranquil and calm, recreating the restorative conditions of being in nature. Spring/Summer is the perfect time for outdoor classes , the benefits are plentiful giving you lots of reasons to take your yoga practice outside!

The science

Being in the great outdoors is scientifically proven to be good for your health, here are some of our favourite benefits:

Sweet dreams– Your eyes need light to ensure your body’s internal clock is working properly. This becomes even more important as we age. Being outdoors ensures your eyes get enough light and therefore helps you drift off when it’s time to hit the hay

Sunny D – Your body needs just 5 -15 minutes of sun (in summer) to produce Vitamin D and this is so important for our bones, our blood cells and our immune system. It also helps us to absorb minerals like calcium

Wear your favourite smile – Aside from the obvious social aspects of getting outdoors, our mood is scientifically boosted by sunlight too. It raises our levels of serotonin which in turn makes us feel happy, more energetic, calm and positive

Sharpen your focus – Some studies have shown that the green hues of outdoor space can help us focus better on tasks. Not only that, but creativity is shown to be improved after taking a break in the great outside. Bringing plants into your indoors space can have this same effect.

Why we love Yoga outdoors

When taking part in one of our indoor classes you will often hear a soundscape, smell a scent and notice the light that have all been specifically curated to captivate your senses. When we practice outdoors the hard work is done for us. Both of our outdoors spaces are set in the countryside where you are guaranteed to catch the unique, unrepeatable tune of local wildlife and the swaying of trees.

Yoga teaches us to be in the present and appreciate that which surrounds us. Since the outdoors has become a solace for so many this year it’s important not to forget this and become too busy to notice. When you allow yourself the time to pause, be still and listen, we open our eyes and ears to all the wonderful things the outdoors gifts to us.

Lastly, it’s just fun! Being outdoors gives you the space to experiment with Yoga, the energy to push yourself and try something new. Exercising outdoors grounds us to Mother Nature, teaching us humility and allowing us to have a sense of humour about some of those wobbles that even the most experienced Yogi has.

You’ve been inside for the best part of a year, well, the outdoors is now yours, it’s your pub garden, your chilly BBQ and your gym. So come and join us and feel all the wonderful benefits of being in nature, we challenge you not to feel better afterwards! Book onto outdoor classes at either of our beautiful venues here where you will also find information about our online sessions in case you aren’t quite ready to come to us, let us come to you.