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Posted on 20/05/2020

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Corporate wellbeing in Oxfordshire

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Grace and Gravity Studio has arrived on Howbery Business Park, Wallingford. And we're here to help with all your wellbeing needs. We wanted to let you know that, alongside our scheduled classes, we also specialise in workplace wellbeing.

We’re proud to offer corporate wellbeing that caters for a whole host of abilities, with a variety of options available to suit your requirements. All of our workplace packages are tailored to the needs of your business.

We’ve been helping organisations nurture employees for many years. Let us guide you through the process of rejuvenating your business’s wellbeing.

Let’s work together to create some happy healthy employees so your business can thrive!

What we can offer:

  • Private sessions for your employees
  • Team building events
  • Mindfulness techniques to manage workplace stress and anxiety
  • Facilitated walks and walking meetings
  • Hosted meetings and seminars on health and wellbeing
  • Desk-based stretches for preventing employee discomfort and workplace injuries
  • Comprehensive employee wellbeing programs (including personalised events, 1-2-1 tuition, wellbeing comms, rewards programmes and seminars)

If you’d like more information on how we can work with your business, please get in touch with us at

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