Yoga from home - Lockdown Happiness

Posted on 18/08/2020

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Tips to keep you zen from home.

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Impacts of Covid-19 have meant more people are suffering from mental health issues while we try to navigate this strange world. Whether you are currently working from home, juggling parenting and work, self-isolating or finding way to fill your furlough time, it is a tricky time to be in our heads. Yoga and mindfulness techniques can be really helpful in calming your nervous system and helping to centre your emotions. The practice has been proven to aid with anxiety, stress and depression. A short yoga practice fed into your new daily routine might be the few minutes you need to stay on top of everything. Here are some ways to achieve this:

Find your space 

Try and find a space away from digital distractions where you can focus on yourself, perhaps near a window so you can see trees, or the sky? It doesn't have to be perfect, just somewhere that makes you feel calm. It's ok if it's noisy around you, maybe you can hear the kids playing downstairs or the neighbours in their garden, use these noises to focus on your present rather them letting them interrupt your flow.   While the bare minimum you need at a yoga class is a yoga mat, you can still manage a lot of poses and techniques without one from home. The beauty of yoga is that the key piece of equipment you need is your attention.  

Take a breath 

Connecting with your breath is so important for staying calm. Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness. Breathing techniques help you feel connected to your body—it brings your awareness away from the worries in your head and quietens your mind.   While there are a wealth of breathing techniques to explore in Yoga practice, try simply breathing in for a count of four and out for a count of eight. This focus on the exhale is soothing on the nervous system, leaving us feeling more grounded.  

Pay attention

Mindfulness meditation practice is one way to truly experience the current moment and integrate that awareness into your everyday life, helping us process what's happening around us. Often, when stressed or anxious we fixate on the past or what could happen in the future, without noticing the stress it brings to the present. During a yoga practice we calm the mind, decrease stress and improve focus on the present.  

Move your body  

Moving your body in time with your breath can help to anchor us to the present. The flowing nature of the poses can draw us out of our own heads and helps us focus on the sensations our bodies are going through. Yoga benefits so many parts of your body from aiding blood flow to providing tissues with important nutrients.   Being at home all day can make it difficult for us to switch off at night, if you need to relax before bed try a calming yoga flow along with the above breathing techniques. Your body will be grateful for the proper rest.  

So, whether you have 20 minutes free before work which would usually be used on your commute, or you want to switch off after a difficult day indoors, consider a short pre-recorded yoga practice to improve your lockdown routine. We also offer a package which includes live streaming classes to bring us all together. Check out our online options here. Our classes are suitable for a range of abilities and you can always find something to suit your needs. 

Here is a short simple sequence to get you started! Enjoy...

12 minutes of movement with Yasmin